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Rise of the Online Event

In this time of massive global change, we are being called to the online world, and this includes hosting transformational events online that you would normally offer in person. Can you create the same energy and experience from behind a screen? We certainly think so!

This free guide is for you if:

If even just one of these statements applies to you, this guide is essential for your next event!

The 5 Success Essentials for Online Events will help you to:


Determine how to start your online event.​

Evaluate Resources

Decide what resources you need for your event to run smoothly.


Empower your attendees and keep them engaged before, during, and after your event.

Establish Support

Discover who to turn to when you need event advice.

About Yvonne Basten

Yvonne is an event manager who specializes in high-level enrollment events for visionary women entrepreneurs.

While you do your magic under the spotlight, she ensures your event runs smoothly! From implementing a schedule to welcoming your attendees, from answering FAQs and soft selling to one-on-one attendee support, she is there to ensure you spend your energy on inspiring massive change in people’s lives. As your right hand woman she holds space, follows up with attendees, and jump in with creative solutions at a moment’s notice.

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5 Successful Essentials for Online Events

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