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Event Management Guru inspires coaches to dream bigger, serve at a higher level and ignite global impact. Together we make a difference in the world!

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Meet Yvonne!

Competent, composed, and charismatic, Yvonne Basten was clearly destined to be a leader of businesswomen and the mastermind behind their large-scale, life-changing events. Her current role as founder and CEO of Event Management. Guru is a professional match made in heaven and the culmination of many years of experience honing her interpersonal excellence and organizational expertise.

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Rise of the Online Event

Whether you are an online enthusiast or not, the online event world is here to stay. For a variety of reasons, all my clients love hosting their transformational events online. How can YOU make high ticket sales in the online world? 

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Spend your energy transforming, not organizing

Together, we take the time to understand your vision and offerings for the event. What is the goal? How many lives do you want to impact? How many sales do you want? Then, once you have made the offer, I get to do what I do best: have conversations with people who are interested in your transformational work and invite them on the journey.

Create a life-changing experience for your participants

It takes a lot of focus and energy to create a safe container for people to be vulnerable and lean into making transformative changes, especially online. You can’t always see the individuals who are struggling or need extra support, but I can, and I’m here for them when you’re busy speaking. I am the Queen of Holding Space.

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When everything is in place, you get to focus on the most important things: having fun, supporting your attendees in their growth, and inviting them to become your long-term clients.
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5 tips for a profitable online event

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