What I do for you in
your multi-day event

You may wonder what I do to support your events. Here are just some of the specifics. In essence, I become a key part of your team. I also have great colleagues in my hip pocket if we need to add any team members for logistics or sales.


Guide Your Team

Some teams have more event experience than others, which is okay. Leading up to the event, I attend most team meetings and act as a sounding board for ideas and best practices to make sure we’ve thought through all logistics and sales. Nothing is left to chance!

During the event, I act as team lead, keeping a close eye on all logistical pieces and troubleshooting where needed. I am not doing all of the logistics, your team is, because my main focus is on sales.


In a multi-day event, how you flow your content matters. You want to make sure there are regular moments where you seed how people can work with you. All of this leads to your offer and then your offer gets reinforced with key content through to the event close. You also want to make sure there are breaks and breakout rooms at appropriate times. Lots of little things to consider! We talk about it together and make sure it’s rock solid.


Do you need support figuring out where to put your offer and how to deliver it? I’m your girl! We will always go through your offer and fine tune it where needed. My clients often practice their offer in front of me to get comfortable and make sure it’s clear and resonates with your ideal clients. This gives us an opportunity to tweak it so it flows and feels fabulous!


The selling process doesn’t start when the offer is made. It starts the moment people sign up. My clients host laser coaching sessions prior to their main event. As I am part of your sales team, I am one of the coaches. I have been coaching women entrepreneurs for many years and I love giving them a few nuggets. It not only gets them excited, it gives them value before the event even starts. Win, Win, Win!

On top of that, I continue conversations with prospects during the event via chat. I am following up, encouraging possibilities, and seeing where they are at. Building relationships helps with conversion!


And conversions into your high-ticket offer are what allow you to do your most brilliant work in the world!


Let’s together make that happen.

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