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Yvonne Basten

Competent, composed, and charismatic, Yvonne Basten was clearly destined to be a leader of businesswomen and the mastermind behind their large-scale, life-changing events. Her current role as founder and CEO of Event Management. Guru is a professional match made in heaven and the culmination of many years of experience honing her interpersonal excellence and organizational expertise.

Even as a child in the Netherlands, Yvonne was active in church activities. Later, assimilating new languages and lifestyles as a young mother travelling the globe with her family, the enterprising achiever found that supporting organizations, volunteering to run their events was the perfect way to contribute to her ever-changing kaleidoscope of communities.

Eventually putting down permanent roots in Calgary, Alberta, Yvonne was intrigued by the opportunity to become the managing director for the local chapter of eWomenNetwork, a community of accomplished heart-centered entrepreneurs, trainers, and speakers. Now, with an active role in connecting businesswomen, watching their confidence soar as they joyously embraced their own authentic magnificence, Yvonne became passionate about supporting the brilliant thought leaders out there making that impactful difference.

In her subsequent role at Make Your Mark Consulting, managing their longer multiple-day events, Yvonne realized her true superpowers lay in expertly acing all the behind-the-scenes logistics from pre-event meetings and laser coaching sessions to facilitating more sales. Nothing thrills her more than watching that glorious transformation that occurs when a roomful of virtual strangers initially reserved and uncertain of what to expect are gradually united, energized, and inspired to new heights of limitless possibility!

Leaving you as the star speaker free and clear to shine your light and ignite the overall energy, Yvonne Basten is the one you want to amplify your next event, the proverbial wind beneath your wings.

My values

Integrity. I am your right-hand woman, bringing clarity and honesty to the picture. From a bird’s eye view, I speak up if I see anything that will get in the way of you shining on stage.

Love. I’m a huge empath, and everything I do comes from the heart. I’m not uncomfortable sitting and working through tough feelings. Holding space is one of my most important superpowers.

Loyalty. I am here for you and your vision. It’s my deepest honour to support and hold your sacred space. I’m here to run your show from the back of the room while you make magic.

Community. I go above and beyond to ensure your participants feel they belong and are supported where they’re at, every step of the way. I make note of those who are thriving and those who are struggling throughout the event.

Fun. Not everything has to be so serious! To provide a high-energy space, we need to bring a high-energy vibe. Celebrate! You are on your soapbox in service, and everyone is here to grow from what you have to offer.

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