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Yvonne Basten

I had only been living in Singapore for two weeks when I was approached by a member of the local Dutch club to step in as the event manager for all the children’s events. She didn’t know the first thing about me and I wondered, is there something written on my forehead? She, like many others, gravitated towards me as a good person to lead and support her initiative.

This was only one episode in a lifetime of supporting and managing organizations and events, roles I took on beginning as a child in my church. As an adult, my growing family spent time in many countries from the Netherlands to France, Nigeria, Norway, and Singapore. During those years of adapting to different cultures and languages, I sought roles where I could contribute in each place. Often we lived in places so briefly that I didn’t have a working visa so I jumped at any opportunity to volunteer, chairing organizations and contributing with a unique combination of rootedness, trustworthiness, creativity, belly laughs, and a willingness to adapt with the vision and constraints of each group.

When I arrived in Canada my family fell in love with the country and we put down roots. I got involved with my kids’ schools right away, chairing the Fundraising Committee through which we procured playground equipment and other essentials. Meanwhile, the role of Managing Director for the Calgary chapter of the eWomenNetwork opened up and I stepped into this exciting new role after being a member for many years. My passion for heart-centered women entrepreneurs blossomed and grew. I also stepped into a volunteer role at Make Your Mark, eventually becoming the event manager for their longer three-day events. This allowed me to hone what I loved to do the most– managing high-quality, energetic events that support a big vision.

Over the years I’ve gradually stepped into my true superpower: managing high-stakes enrolment events for women in the business of changing lives. Nothing makes me more excited than watching your attendees, shy and unsure at the beginning of the event, experience breakthrough after breakthrough, ultimately choosing to invest and take a leap into your life-changing program.

My values

Integrity. I am your right-hand woman, bringing clarity and honesty to the picture. From a bird’s eye view, I speak up if I see anything that will get in the way of you shining on stage.

Love. I’m a huge empath, and everything I do comes from the heart. I’m not uncomfortable sitting and working through tough feelings. Holding space is one of my most important superpowers.

Loyalty. I am here for you and your vision. It’s my deepest honour to support and hold your sacred space. I’m here to run your show from the back of the room while you make magic.

Community. I go above and beyond to ensure your participants feel they belong and are supported where they’re at, every step of the way. I make note of those who are thriving and those who are struggling throughout the event.

Fun. Not everything has to be so serious! To provide a high-energy space, we need to bring a high-energy vibe. Celebrate! You are on your soapbox in service, and everyone is here to grow from what you have to offer.

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