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Yvonne Basten

“Dream BIG, Work HARD, Love LOTS” is my motto …

You and your amazing cause bring women to your event, how can you be sure they will buy?

Yvonne Basten, Event Management.Guru, assuring you sales!

I developed my adaptability and fun-loving positive attitude through my experiences of emigrating to Canada from the Netherlands, and eleven years of traveling the globe with my young family. I now run my company, “Event Management (dot) Guru” supporting heart centered coaches during their online events and helping them create a profitable event.
What I have found is that most events put a huge amount of effort and expense into the marketing, the speakers, and the program. Although this is important, actually making sales from the experience is what keeps them in business. 

Together we focus on your offer, your vision, pre-event stick strategies, and so much more to assure YOUR event and your offer will change the prospects lives.

Over the years I have gradually stepped into my true superpower: managing high-stakes enrollment events for women in the business of changing lives. Nothing makes me more excited than watching your attendees take a leap into your life-changing program. 

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At EMG we take pride in giving back. Giving back by volunteering our time and by donating money to the causes that are close to our hearts. One of the ways we give back is donating to KIVA (internationally), and locally by donating to Made by Momma

Our motto is to Sell more in order to Serve more!

My values

Empathy: We hold space for your prospects to help them make the best decision for their higher good.

Integrity: We support our clients by providing honest feedback in order to optimize the sales opportunities in the room.

Fun: We provide a high energy event space with a fun vibe.

Wealth: We sell more to impact more lives.

Community: We go above and beyond to ensure your participants feel they belong, and are seen and heard.
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