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Reasons to do an online event! (Part 1)

Why, you say?

The hardest part as an event manager is figuring out where the event world is heading. I know that some coaches will go back to in person events – even if it is with smaller numbers at the start. Don’t get me wrong – I personally love in-person events if only for all the hugs! (When you see me next, watch out … I might never let you go!)

In my humble opinion, online enrollment events are still the future. Some of my clients have done exceedingly well by going online. Was it scary? Did it take some time to figure out what the most effective way was to teach and sell online? Yes! And together we figured it all out. 

In January, when I was passionately talking to one of my coaches about the difference between teaching in-person vs teaching online. She said, “Yvonne, you need to teach a Masterclass about this… “ And so I did. (I always do what I’m told … LOL)

There are three key things to pay attention to when you move your in-person event online. The importance of building relationships before the event starts 

1) The importance of building relationships before the event starts 

2) Interaction and engagement during an event

And last but not least,

3) Event Sales

#1 Building relationships prior to start of the event

One of the key things to remember is that the ’know, like and trust’ relationship that is built during the in-person event is not just built by you, the teacher, from the front of the room. That relationship is also built by your team members (even if you have only one person helping you out at the event) from the back of the room. There always are many different touches along the way. Your participants will be joining your team at “the back of the room table” to ask questions. The team will strike up conversations with them in the hallways, around the water table and in the lunch buffet line -up. And this, my friends, all disappears when you go online.

So now what? 

There are different ways to remedy that. You will need to create different stick strategies to give your audience a reason to show up in the first place. I will give you a couple of ideas and if you would like further details, I would highly recommend you come to my next Masterclass. (Sorry, some shameless self promotion.) 

One of the ways to have them show up is to send a gift box with some cool stuff in it. You want it to arrive the week before the event starts. It got me excited for the multi day event and I showed up! (And lots of others with me!)

Another way to engage them prior to the event is to set up a Facebook group. Every time somebody registers, you invite them to the group. It is a great place for you and your audience to start connecting prior to the event, to get them excited, and for the audience to start connecting with other attendees.

In my upcoming blogs, I will cover a few more pieces of the key three things to pay attention to when you convert from in-person to online events. If you register for my newsletter, you will receive the latest blog updates. You can register below.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment box!

P.S. My next Masterclass, “How Event Management Can Boost Mega Sales”, is coming up on June 22nd at 3 PM ET/1 PM MT/NOON PT – want to join us? 

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